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Lighting Retrofit

Retrofit your business or home with LED lights or add recessed lights to your home for a beautiful update.


Experienced in pool pumps, hot tubs, landscape lighting, security lighting and roof de-icers.


A Generac dealer for over 5 years, we can install and maintain your generator.



New Construction

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Interior Lighting Design

​Service Replacement/Upgrades

Panel Replacement/Upgrades

Roof Heat Tape

Generators: Residential/Commercial

LED Retrofit

​Landscape Lighting

Electric Heat

Hot Water Tank Wiring

Swimming Pool Pumps

Hot Tub Wiring

Phone/Cable TV Wiring

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Electrical & General Contractor

Not only are we a licensed electrical contractor, we are also a licensed general contractor as well. Phase to Phase Electric can help you with your whole renovation and coordinate other trades such as plumbing and HVAC as well. We have all the experience you need to complete simple projects like drywall/plaster patching to complete bathroom and kitchen renovations.

Generac Generators

A permanently installed Generac home backup generator protects your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items. Call today to get a free estimate on a Generac Generator installed by us.


Q: What is an automatic standby generator?

A: An automatic standby generator is a back up electrical system that operates whether you are at home or away. It automatically supplies power to essential circuits of your home within seconds of a utility outage. After utility power returns, the generator shuts itself off and awaits the next outage. It operates on natural gas or liquid propane and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit.

Q: What will it power?

A: Generators supply electricity to the electrical panel circuits of your home through a built-in load center. You select the number of circuits you want to protect and match it to the appropriate generator system. Everything on that circuit will be protected. A generator also powers furnaces, air conditioners, well pumps, water heaters and other appliances that are hard wired into your electrical panel.

Q: Why should I buy an automatic standby generator instead of a portable generator?

A: While portable generators do supply power, an automatic standby generator produces a higher quality of electricity. It operates automatically and runs a weekly self-test to ensure proper response to your needs. There are no extension cords to plug in and no gas tanks to fill. It operates automatically so it protects your home even when you're away. When utility power returns, the standby generator shuts itself off.

Q: Why circuits and not watts?

A: Establishing wattage requirements of the appliances you want to power during an outage is difficult because those appliances can be plugged into various outlets in your home. That's why we have simplified the process. By allowing you to protect everything on chosen circuits, you no longer have to worry about individual items.

Q: Do they have to be maintained?

A: Just like your car's engine, generators need periodic tune-ups, oil and filter changes. Many customers rely on preventative maintenance kits to satisfy routine maintenance requirements. Refer to your owner's manual for routine maintenance procedures and schedules. Kits can be purchased through us.

Q: What is the advantage of an aluminum enclosure?

A: Aluminum is corrosion resistant, so it prolongs the life and look of the generator, particularly in salt air communities.

Q: How do I select a generator that's right for me?

A: The most accurate way is to have an electrician apply an amp meter to the circuits or appliances that will operate with emergency backup power. Measurements should be taken as the appliance starts up. That's because start up requires the greatest amount of power. To eliminate the hassle of this process, Generac allows you to simply match your system to the existing circuits in your electrical panel. With their 8, 10, 12 or 16 circuit, pre-wired systems, we take the guesswork out of sizing.

Q: Who should install the generator?

A: For safety reasons and to be sure of adherence to local, state and national codes Generac recommends the generator be installed by an Authorized Dealer or licensed contractor such as Phase to Phase Electric.

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